Quite the transformation! Custom was hired to do a kitchen remodel in Summerfield. First we removed the soffit above the upper cabinets to gain an additional 12″ of storage space. The peninsula was replaced with a 90″ island. The dishwasher was relocated to the left side of the sink to provide a more functional layout. Pewter cabinets with a navy island were selected with beautiful Quartz countertops and finished with a classic white subway tile. Under cabinet lighting, pendants above the island and overhead canned lights were a perfect solution to providing more light in the space. We were even able to incorporate one of my new favorite options for floor tile to complete the look. 

White kitchen with island

We were hired to do a kitchen remodel, swap exterior doors and install new flooring throughout the first floor of this home. The existing kitchen had an irregular shaped island that didn’t provide much area for seating and older painted cabinets. The new layout included a 5 ‘6″ island, enough room to comfortably fit three barstools. Pottery Barn pendants were mounted above. Custom made shelves were used in place of upper cabinets. A polished carrara backsplash set in a herringbone pattern adds a beautiful focal point with the stainless chimney style range hood. Matte black pulls and kitchen faucet were a nice accent against the white shaker cabinets. The look is completed with a white apron front sink and Quartz countertops. Sherwin Williams Eider White keeps the kitchen looking bright and inviting. A durable wood tone LVP was selected for the floors. 

Navy bathroom with hardwood floors

After completing the second floor bathroom, the homeowner’s hired us to remodel their first floor bathroom. The cast iron tub was removed along with the existing plumbing fixtures and drywall. The wall where the shower is now located was framed to fit a standard size shower pan. New drywall, beadboard ceiling, wainscoting, and moulding was installed. The shower surround has a traditional 3×6 porcelain tile that includes a double niche with a hybrid shower enclosure. Sherwin Williams color of the year, Naval, was selected as the wall color, and provides a beautiful contrast against the bright white trim. A custom sized linen cabinet was installed to provide extra storage. The room was trimmed out in brushed brass fixtures and hardware. LVP flooring was installed to finish the look.

Bathroom remodel

The homeowner’s were referred to us by an existing client. The second floor bathroom ended up being the first of three remodels that we completed for this client last year. They wanted to remove the claw foot tub and install a walk in shower. We were able to get creative by utilizing an existing plumbing chase to give them a better layout for the room. The tub, pedestal sink, toilet, drywall, flooring, beadboard ceiling and moulding were all removed. We reconfigured the bathroom by framing a new wet wall. This allowed us to not only create the space for the shower, but also provide privacy for the toilet area. The corners were softened by adding 45° angles. New drywall was installed throughout. A bench was framed for the walk in shower. 12×12 porcelain tile was used for the shower surround with a custom hybrid shower enclosure. A beautiful piece of leathered granite was used for the bench and vanity top. 12×24 porcelain tile was selected for the wall tile finished with a mosaic tile that doubles as the vanity’s backsplash. We chose a matching custom vanity and linen cabinet. A soothing Conservative Gray by Sherwin Williams compliments the tile and stone for the wall color. The bathroom floor is an LVP by Shaw. The room was finished with brushed brass hardware and fixtures.

How we transformed a kitchen from 1965

This was a beautiful kitchen transformation. We started with a kitchen that was originally built in 1965. It had damaged vinyl flooring, dated appliances, and it basically just looked like it was a kitchen from 1965. We literally removed everything from the kitchen, then started fresh.

Keller Before and AfterThis white kitchen has an 11 foot custom made walnut island. The white farm sink is complimented with an oil rubbed bronze bridge faucet. Tons of storage with white shaker style cabinets and two floor to ceiling pantries. The contractor couldn’t believe how many drawers we put in here, 35 total. A custom made hanging rack in the corner is perfect for storing cookware, and is also oil rubbed bronze to match the our bridge faucet and the cabinetry hardware. We did a classic, yet simple and clean white tile back splash. Which is also used under the island where the bar stools sit. The contractor left the right side of the sink open, with two shelves supported with simple white corbels. Then finished with a lovely traditional oak hard wood floor. Call us today and lets see what kind of transformation we can make for you!

Enclosed shower with Glass door and two shower heads


We are absolutely loving the new shower trend! The style that everyone is asking for is a glass enclosure shower with a bench and TWO shower heads. Having two sources of water in the shower is so luxurious. The shower heads can be a rainfall shower head on the ceiling, and a traditional or handheld sprayer on a side wall, or any combination of the three. How boujee do you want your shower to be?


Bathroom A, after


Can I use hardwood floors in my bathroom?

Can I Use Hardwood Floors in My Bathroom?

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Whole home remodel, after

A question we receive quite often is whether or not hardwood floors can–or should–be installed in a bathroom.  Many of our clients want to match the floors in their bathroom remodel to their hardwood in other areas of the house, but worry that the wet environment of a bathroom would damage their brand-new floors.  


While maintaining hardwood floors in a  bathroom can be tricky, it’s not impossible, and can even have its benefits.  Here are some pros and cons of installing hardwood floors in your bathroom, and a few tips for care and maintenance to make sure your new floors will shine for years to come.

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Whole home remodel, after

These days, many homeowners are taking a pass on tile and vinyl flooring in favor of hardwood.  Not only is hardwood a very attractive option for any room in the home, it can add significant value to the home if maintained properly.  However, solid hardwood has one major drawback: it’s porous, and therefore absorbs water and humidity. This forces the solid wood into a cycle of swelling and contracting, which can cause warping and cracking over time.  A high-quality sealant applied at installation can help to reduce this swelling, but eventually, any solid hardwood in a high-moisture environment will succumb to this problem. While solid hardwood might stand up well in a small, low-traffic bathroom like a half-bath, we don’t recommend using solid hardwoods in a high-traffic or humid environment, like a family bathroom with a tub or shower.


So what options do we have for those high-risk areas?  If you still have your heart set on wood floors, engineered hardwoods are the way to go.  Engineered hardwood flooring is made of a top layer of hardwood, joined to a base layer designed to increase stability and reduce moisture retention.  The result is a material that can be refinished, just like natural hardwood, but stands up well in wet and humid areas. These engineered floors come in a variety of premium hardwoods, including oak, maple, hickory, and dozens more.  This means you can find a similar match to the hardwoods in other areas of the house, right down to the finish.


But what can you do if you truly have your heart set on solid hardwoods?  Well, if you’re willing to take the risk, then proper care, maintenance, and a little risk prevention can extend the life of your bathroom hardwood floors.


Use a high-quality, moisture-repellent sealant at installation.  The harder it is for moisture to penetrate the sealant and reach the porous hardwood underneath, the longer your floors will last before beginning the cycle of swelling and contracting.  Also, check the warranty on your hardwoods to make sure they’re approved for humid areas.


Make sure your bathroom is well-ventilated.  If moisture can dissipate out of the room quickly, it will reduce the risk to your new floors.  Use bath mats around your sink, tub, and shower, and clean up spills immediately.

Finally, consider incorporating tile into the design.  Using tile around sinks, tubs, and showers will help prevent water from contacting your hardwoods, reducing the risk of water damage.


We hope we’ve been able to answer some of your questions and concerns regarding using hardwood floors in your bathroom remodel.  As always, feel free to contact us at 336-644-5600 with any questions about your upcoming or ongoing remodels. Good luck, and take care!


Time for an outdoor space?




Spring, once the rain has stopped, and summer are the perfect time to build a screened in porch or patio or deck.  Adding an outdoor space to your home can increase the value of your home, and provide an enjoyable space for spending time outside.  A screened in porch is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, without the bugs.  Or have dinner outside without uninvited guests landing on your food.

A Creative Solution

Sometimes our clients come to us with a goal in mind, but aren’t sure how to make that goal happen. This was a project where Chris’s expertise and creativity really shined. Our client asked us to turn his attic into an office, but there wasn’t enough room for a conventional staircase. Chris’s solution was to build a spiral staircase, then finish the attic.