Front Door

     When it comes to curb appeal we all know the importance of the front door.  When friends and family or a prospective buyer first arrives at your home the first thing they see and touch is your front door.  For this reason there is a door for every style of home and every budget.

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     When selecting a front door quality is key.  Doors come in 3 basic types: Wooden, steel, and fiberglass.  Wooden doors are timeless and take stain unlike any other material but are susceptible to decay over time.  Steel doors provide better security than wooden doors, but can not be stained and do not have a wood grain.  They also dent.  For this reason we do not recommend steel doors for the front entry.  Fiberglass doors are available with or without wood grain and can be stained or painted.  They also do not dent making them ideal for the front entry of your home. 

     Many older homes were built with elegantly crafted wooden doors.  These were not standardized in height and width, like they are today.  Correct measuring of your existing door unit is paramount for the success of your project as when you order that door…it is yours.  These old/antique doors are often time refinished vice replaced due to their craftsmanship.

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