Closet Door

It seems that almost every homeowner has the same complaint of their home: “Not Enough Storage”  This complaint was accompanied with closet doors that were unattractive and too narrow to fully access the entire closet.

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Removing existing closet doors and installing new ones in their place is a simple task in which most do it yourself ‘ers can handle with little problem.  This renovation however included widening the opening to the closet allowing access to the entire closet and removing the dead space at the ends. 

     For a task that includes widening any opening in your home we recommend consulting a state licesned general contractor who is experienced in removal of load bearing walls to ensure the structural integrity of the home is maintained.  The last thing you want is to turn an upgrade into a dangerous or unsafe area of your home that may collapse without warning.

     With the opening widened a 3/8″ thick tongue and groove oak flooring was installed in the closet.  Then a custom door jam was built and installed for the new doors.  A custom stain was blended to match the new floor and applied to the jam and trim.  The new doors were then installed and tested for proper operation.  Add some carpet to the bedroom and your done!

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