Windows and Doors

Break OUT that old window and Install a Door.

We removed this old window, cut out the bricks, and installed a new high quality insulated glass door.  Additional upgrades to this remodel could include:

1) Fiberglass door unit versus wood or steel door unit which could rot or ding

2) Blinds between the glass panes will protect the blinds from animals such as your dog or cat as well as keeping them dust free and finally the do not bang each time you open or close the door.

3) LOW E coatings allow the reflection of UV radiation back outside instead of allowing them to pass thru the glass into the room.

4) Argon gas is an inert gas and when dual pane insulated glass units are filled with Argon they provide better thermal insulation to the door unit.

5) Never – Rot composite PVC jamb and brickmould or –  the most critical piece of the job.  Do not save a few bucks at the big box store like Home Depot or Lowe’s and buy a low quality door with out this feature.  You will never get the same quality product from a big box store that you will get from a real building materials supplier.

The most important thing to know about installing new windows or doors is to install a high quality window or door and do it properly.  Too many times we find that an unskilled contractor has installed an expensive window or door unit without sealing it properly or thermally insulating it properly.  Then your energy efficiency goes out the window.

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Kitchen Door

Removed this door from another location and installed between kitchen and laundry/mud room.



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