more hardwood

Updating a space with new flooring can have remarkable impact.  This project included removing sheet vinyl flooring and installing a 3/4″ nail down prefinished oak hardwood floor.

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This client selected a prefinished hardwood in a gunstock stain. The first step of this flooring remodel was to remove the glued down sheet vinyl flooring. Sheet vinyl flooring is installed over a plywood underlayment. In this case the underlayment was 1/2″ thick vice a more typical 1/4″ thick underlayment. The builded did this to allow a smoother transition from the vinyl floor to the existing sand and finish hardwood floor in the adjacent living room. Removal of this underlayment allowed us to match the existing hardwood floor height with our new hardwood installation providing a perfect transition.
Next all the door jams in the space are cut to accommodate the new floor height and a vapor barrier is installed thru the space. Planning the direction the floor planks will run and the area of the space to begin are critical to the success of the project. With this completed, installation of the 2-1/4″ wide planks can now begin with a specialty pneumatic flooring stapler specifically designed for this type and thickness of tongue and groove hardwood flooring.
After all planks are properly installed the installation is completed only when the final touches are finished. The thresholds and transitions are cut and laid after the shoe moulding or quarter round is installed, caulked, and painted.

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