Laminate Flooring

These pictures are part of a full basement remodel.  This project specified a floating laminate floor over the concrete slab.  Laminated flooring is an economical solution for a location such as a playroom or game room that will require durability and minimal maintenance.

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This renovation project began with the removal of old carpet and paneling over block walls.  Wood framing was then installed to provide a space for R-13 batted insulation with a face or vapor barrier.  The addition of insulation greatly increased the energy efficiency and comfort of the space. 

     Next all windows were removed and vinyl energy star qualified replacement windows were installed.  The old inefficient sliding glass door unit was also removed and replaced with a quality vinyl replacement sliding door.  High quality replacement windows and sliding glass doors are very important to the energy efficiency of the home and are only as efficient as the installation.  When not installed correctly even the highest quality window can leak causing huge energy losses and drafts.  Do it once and DO IT RIGHT.

     The walls were then drywalled, primed, and painted to the clients specified colors including an accent wall to break up the otherwise strong color selection.  Crown molding and chair rail was installed to compliment the fresh paint provide an added architectural feature.  Picking mouldings that compliment the rest of the home’s character and charm is an economical way to dress up your home and add value.  All of the trim and casing was painted a bright white providing contrast to the new color palate.

     Floors are the finishing touch that can really make a space pop.  This client chose a laminated flooring product that looks like hardwood flooring.  Floating this floor provides some cushion on the feet and allows for minor imperfections in the slab below.  Laminate flooring not only is a cheaper product than real hardwood, but is cheaper to install as well saving you even more.

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