Deck and pavers

This backyard entertaining area was in need of some TLC.  See the transformation to a warm relaxing entertaining area.

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     We began this patio remodel with removal of some overgrown plants and an old firewood storage rack.  The supports and frame for the wooden deck was constructed and covered with high quality pressure treated wood planks.  An important detail to be sure is not overlooked when building any structure that will be exposed to the elements to related to the materials used.  Always be sure pressure treated lumber is used for any structure exposed to the elements. 

     The concrete pad and path to the rear gate were prepared for the addition of patio pavers.  Our client chose cobblestone pavers for her patio.  These pavers add character and a design texture to the bland concrete pad warming up the space.  River pebbles were added on each side of the pathway to the rear gate where potted flowers will be placed.  A custom screen was built to conceal the HVAC condenser.  This screen was designed to be easily removed to allow yearly maintenance on the unit.

     We hear horror stories about homeowners hiring contractors to build decks and even screened porches who cut cost by using non pressure treated lumber.  This story always ends the same way: the structure looks fine for about 6 months and before you know it, it turns to junk.   The contractor does not return phone calls and is nowhere to be found.  Do not fall for this, hire a contractor that holds a NC state license, not a city business license.  Many contractors call themselves licensed when all they have is a business license, not a trade license.  This means they are allowed to conduct business in that city, not that they are qualified to work on your home.  A good rule of thumb is that if a technical test is NOT required to get a license, it is NOT worth having.  Do not trust your contractor’s word, do your homework.

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