Large custom built wooden deck

This Jamestown home came equipped with a large fenced backyard, yet no back door to get there.  Our remedy for this homeowner was to remove a window from the living room, cut the brick veneer, and install a full view glass patio door and add a large deck for entertaining and relaxing outside.

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Many homes built-in the 1970’s have only 1 or 2 entry doors on the home.  Removing a window and installing an energy-efficient patio door is a great way to take away a negative attribute from your home and add a feature.  When selecting any new door or replacement window for your home it is important to pick one that meets energystar requirements and has sufficient security features.  Always look for Low E, argon filled double pane windows and doors.  A double bore steel or fiberglass door will allow you to install a dead bolt lock and will provide good security.  The next step is to ensure you door jamb is reinforced with a steel backing plate at the latch.  Then the final step is to install it correctly with 3″ screws into the studs on both the hinge and latch sides.  Additional features available include blinds between the panes of glass or grids between the glass.  The blinds inside the glass is a favorite among many of our clients.  The blinds never have to be dusted and the family dog can not damage them either.

With the new door installed, construction of the deck can begin.  This deck is a 16′ x 16′ square with 2 sets of stairs.  Decks come in 2 varieties: attached to the home and free standing.  The attached deck less than 4 feet off the ground does not require knee bracing while a free-standing deck will require these braces.  This particular deck is free standing because it surrounds a working chimney preventing attachment to the structure (at the chimney).

The railing on this deck is constructed of 2 x 4 supports bolted to the deck band and wooden balusters or pickets.  Metal balusters are an alternative to the wooden ones that provide more a decorative and design feature to the deck.  The top rail is a continuous 2 x 6 providing a ledge for potted plants or decor.  Bench seating is an additional feature that can be built into a deck rail.  Ask about it when you get your estimate!

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