Water damaged shower

A leaking shower pan can cause thousands of dollars in damage.  This one was an improperly installed tile shower pan that leaked into the ceiling of the bathroom below causing water damage.

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This Custom Construction and Renovations client came to us with a modest budget and big problem.  In effort to provide him the most economical repair we stepped outside the box.  The leaking shower pan was removed and subfloor replaced.  A seamless prefabricated shower pan was installed and new concrete backer boards were installed and waterproofed.    As you know it is nearly impossible to match old white tiles with new white tiles.  Therefore, we installed Black mosaic 2″ x 2″ tiles as an accent line separating new similar colored white tiles from the old ones.  Doing it this way meant we did not have to demo the shower and rebuild it, we managed to save almost $3,000 for the homeowner.

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