Contractor License

          We all hear horror stories about homeowners hiring contractors to build decks and even screened porches who cut cost by using non pressure treated lumber.  This story always ends the same way: the structure looks fine for about 6 months and before you know it, it turns to junk.   The contractor does not return phone calls and is nowhere to be found. 

     Do not fall for this, hire a contractor that holds a NC state license, not a city business privilege license.  Many contractors call themselves licensed when all they have is a business license, not a trade license.  This means they are allowed to conduct business in that city, not that they are qualified to work on your home.  A good rule of thumb is that if a technical test is NOT required to get a license, it is NOT worth having.  Do not trust your contractor’s word, do your own homework.

In the state of NC a general contractors license is required to perform any work in which the total project exceeds $30,000.  Do not let a non licensed contractor talk you into pulling the permit for them.  This is a tricky way to circumvent the law and is illegal.  They may try to convince you that this will save you money, it will not.  The permitting fees are no different for you or them, so do not let them convince you that this will save you money.

Custom Construction & Renovations, Inc. is a licensed general contractor in the state of NC.  NC State License # 63273

     Below is a link to the NC state licensing board for general contractors web page.  This allows you to perform your own license search.

     Another good resources of information on local contractor comes from your local Better Business Bureau.  Below is a link for the BBB of Greensboro, NC.

 Do not forget to check reviews  and testimonials on the web.

Good Luck on your search for the right contractor for your job.


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